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Re: [Dolibarr-dev] A serious pb with some email

From: i.d & l
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-dev] A serious pb with some email
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2012 21:45:34 +0100
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Hi Eldy, don't know if it really has something to do with the current problem, but have you been reading this stuff (in french)  ?

In short, it says that when the "return path" isn't valued as the 5th parameter to PHP mail (the 5th element !!  :-D ), Orange simply do not deliver the mail...

My 2cts...


Le 08/02/2012 19:00, Laurent Destailleur (eldy) a écrit :

I want to let know to all Dolibarr developers that a problem to send email using the php native mail function was identified and solved.
Problem occurs with some recipient emails hosted by some internet providers like Orange in france. The result is that email corrupted and can't be read by recipient (text contains SMTP header data and attachment are not recognized).

After working several days on this problem, we found the reason:
There is a very serious bug into Orange email receiving servers. So this is nor a bug into Dolibarr, nor into PHP. When Orange receive a mail for one of its customer (address@hidden), the header of email is cut in the middle of header instead of at end. This happens when header lines end with CR+LF characters and not when line ends with LF alone.
Of course this should not happens because this means Orange emails servers are not SMTP compiant. The RFC 822bis section 2.3 says end of line MUST be CR+LF.

Next version of Dolibarr will add a warning to say that all people hosted by Orange may not received correctly emails when using the native php mail function.

A solution to solve problem is to use the other email sending method. This does not means that the first one (PHP native) is bugged but just that information into header are not in same order and when order change, the bug at Orange platform is not triggered. Because problem is at Orange, there is no way to fix the method 1 by modifying Dolibarr.

So if your need to send emails from Dolibarr, use the method 2 if you don't want to experience problems with Orange customers.

Also if you know some people that are not at Orange but that have same problems when receiving emails, let us know. Goal is to know if Orange is the only provider with a bugged email platform or if other internet provider have same problem...

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