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Re: [Dolibarr-dev] LANGUAGE

From: i.d & l
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-dev] LANGUAGE
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 13:06:52 +0100
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Hi all, my 2 cts... (french version below ;-) )

I'm not that sure multiple lists suffixed with a language code is such a good idea. I mean it might look interesting in resolving situations like Sasa was complaining about, which I understand, since not everyone is able to write in english as he would do in french... which I understand too !
But it'll mean some bridging between the "language lists", since, for instance, the same subject might be addressed here and there, see ?
And in this case, someone should federate/moderate the different threads... not easy and, first, time consuming !
And I guess it would be yet another workload for Laurent and Regis... when they should better concentrate on more productive topics.
Don't you agree ?

So, my proposal would just to prefix the subjects with a code such as [FR], [EN], ... or even [INT] when different languages are used in the message (like this one), so that readers are immediatly informed that they'll have or not to "google translate" or not the message, because as said Regis (if I'm not wrong), google translate works in both directions.

Now, this also means messages (expect [INT]) should be as simple and correctly (syntax, grammar) written so that they keep being undestandable when translated by google in english, spanish or whatever language you whish...

Best regards,
Bonjour à tous, ma petite contribution...

Je ne suis pas certain que des listes suffixées par des codes langues soient une si bonne idée. Ça peut paraître intéressant pour résoudre la situation dont Sasa se plaignait, et que je comprends bien, dans la mesure où tout le monde n'est pas à même d'écrire en anglais à l'identique de ce qu'il ferait en français... ce que je comprends aussi !
Mais ça voudrait aussi dire qu'il faudrait un pont entre les listes "linguistiques", étant donné, par exemple, qu'un même sujet pourrait être traité ici et là, vous voyez ? Et dans ce cas, quelqu'un devrait fédérer/modérer les différents flux... pas facile et, en 1er lieu, chronophage !
Et on peut se douter que ça serait encore une charge de travail supplémentaire pour Laurent ou Régis... alors qu'il devrait bien mieux se concentrer sur des sujets plus productifs pour Dolibarr. Vous ne pensez pas ?

Alors ma proposition serait plutôt de juste préfixer les sujets avec un code tel que [FR], [EN], ... ou même [INT] quand différentes langues sont employées dans le message (comme celui-ci), et ainsi les lecteurs seraient immédiatement informés qu'ils auront ou pas à utiliser "google translate" pour ce message, parce que, comme disait Régis (si je ne me trompe pas), google translate marche dans les deux sens.

Maintenant, ça veut aussi dire que les messages dans une seule langue devraient écrits être aussi simples et corrects (syntaxiquement, grammaticalement, ...) de sorte qu'ils restent intelligibles après traduction par google translate en anglais, espagnol ou quelque langue que vous vouliez.

Bien cordialement,


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Le 25/02/2012 12:30, Cyrille de Lambert a écrit :

It's a good
idea to ask all users and developers who brought French Dolibarr to change list to continue to speak French ;-)
I partisant allow people who want to speak French to continue to do so.
It may be a hindrance to the use of Dolibarr in France if this change request.
People will recognize their language in the message title.
What do you think?


Thank yoi Google Translate to help me do my messages in English. Not great but better than nothing.

Cyrille de Lambert
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Le 25/02/2012 12:13, Laurent Destailleur (eldy) a écrit :
You're right.

Few years ago, the list was a french only list, but now official language is english and all messages in mailing-list dev and user should be in english.
However, sometimes, we simply forget this.

Just forgive us when this is the case... And scold us again if it happens: We need this to succeed in forgeting french on this ML.

Creating mailing-lists dedicated to local languages (same name than in english but with suffix -fr, -es, ...) may be a good idea.
Regis, what do you think:
* We can still use savannah for such new MLs, in this case, all ML are centralized on same system
* Or we can start to use doliforge ?

Le 24/02/2012 10:46, Sasa Ostrouska a écrit :
Hello, I don't want to criticise or anything else, but is really
annoying see a lot of messages
that one can not understand.

I want to ask is this list French only list ?

Please have respect to people who do not speak French language.

Alternatively advise that the list is mainly French or anything else ,
in this way who is on the mailing list
will not be excluded from the conversations. Or you can do a Dolibarr-fr-dev@ .

In any case you would probably not like me to start writing in
Slovenijajn or Russian or Portuguese
language and you would feel excluded.

Have a common sense. Also I find it very poor of culture a person who
starts an message in English and then
simply other people reply in French.

I will unsubscribe from it, but I wanted to let you know the reasons
why I will not any longer try to do anything
with this project and why I will not be on the list.

Best regards
Sasa Ostrouska

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