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[Dolibarr-dev] PDF generation

From: anthony . poiret
Subject: [Dolibarr-dev] PDF generation
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 14:13:39 +0100
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I'm working on a specific developement to adapt a dolibarr to advanced food logistic management (we work on a version 3.1).

I get some troubles with pdf generation and display processes. For now, I reached my goals by the use of some tricks that doesn't affect core, but I get some comments (I'm sure Eldy already noticed that, but a remind won't be bad)...

1 - I noticed a lot of if ... elseif in showdocuments function, and document.php that look a bit ugly (I wonder if they may disappear from later version) and make the understanding of these files work a bit blurry (especially because the generic part of these conditions should be applied for all of their part I guess).

2 - There's a point more troubling, on the way the getting of documents works with rights: subpermission able us to do a clean job while we use only one kind of document in a module. The point is that in our case, we need at least five in our; consequently, we can't use the global var _SUBPERMCATEGORY_FOR_DOCUMENTS to define rights to check (see lines 426 to 439 in document.php), as modulepart seems needing to be the module name. I doesn't get a generic solution for this problem, but I guess it could be useful to having a reflection on it. For now, we just recreate the documents.php in our module to not affect the core and satisfying our needs.

Thanks for readding,

Anthony Poiret
9, rue Alfred Kastler
BP 50752

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