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Re: [Dolibarr-dev] Gettext

From: Laurent Destailleur (eldy)
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-dev] Gettext
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 09:17:23 +0100
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Yes we think of it but we discard gettext for 2 reasons :
* Gettext need to use original translation string into main code. this is not a good way of working. we must have a key inside code but not hard coded value, even it's hard coded value of only one language. Pb with this is that each time, there is a typo error into original language (english), we fix it into source code, but this break all translation for all other language because the key used to translate other files is * Gettext use binary systems and is not compliant with our rule "easy to use, easy to develop". Any user with no technical knowledge must be able to edit the translation file. For this a falt text file is really better. * Gettext need a PHP setup not always activated to be used by PHP. We want o software with no need of any PHP plugin at all, only PHP.
3 points for dolibarr system
* The advantage of gettext we miss, is that there is technical tools to detect when a translation is changed to to update language file to add a tag inside it to tell "this sentence may need to be updated".
1 point for gettext.

Also, the point 1 and 2 was the most important for us, we choose to not use gettext.

Le 22/03/2012 03:00, Sasa Ostrouska a écrit :
Hi, have you ever thought of using gettext to translate dolibarr ?
I think it would be much easier to use gettext than the current system.

Anyway, can anybody tell me the advantages and disandvantages of the 2 systems ?

Many projects use gettext as far as i know.


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