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Re: [Dolibarr-dev] [ANN] New module template

From: Doursenaud , Raphaël
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-dev] [ANN] New module template
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 16:39:58 +0100

Love to hear that it isn't a rule but rather a preference.

I agree with not having too much folders in root but I hate hiding thing under the carpet :-p
What I find useful in directory organisation is logic reasoning and some light documentation.
Especially in the case of some boilerplate code like the one I'm trying to put together.

Since it's all about preferences, I'd like to hear from other Dolibarr devs what their preferences are before making a decision ;-)

2012/10/29 Régis Houssin <address@hidden>
well you can put these directories wherever you want, but it should keep a certain homogeneity.
Personally I prefer to put this in "core" to concentrate all regarding the core module.
Very useful if you have lots of folders in the root, it's a little housekeeping ... :-)

Le 29/10/12 16:04, Doursenaud, Raphaël a écrit :
Thanks for the answer Régis but that doesn't make sense, we already are in the module directory.
These should be top level for easier access.

The only valid reason I see why some elements should be in core in the context of a module is because __Dolibarr's core__ need access to them (module descriptor, box, triggers…).
Then placing _javascript_, css and maybe themes in /core/ could be justified if there is optimization done on them by Dolibarr (i.e. : compression before serving) but I fail to see why my libraries and includes should go in core.

Please prove me wrong.

2012/10/29 Régis Houssin <address@hidden>
all that is common to all elements of the module should be in core

Le 29/10/12 14:26, Doursenaud, Raphaël a écrit :
2012/10/29 Régis Houssin <address@hidden>
great !


move /includes/boxes/ to /core/boxes/

Aknoledged. This is an old file that sneaked into…
Already corrected.
move /includes/ to /core/inc/

move /lib/ to /core/lib/

move /js/ to /core/js/
Would you mind explaining why for these. I still see them in some current modules and haven't experienced breakage.
I've always had a hard time finding these little bits an pieces. This is useful for having the right mind set when developing.

Thanks for the feedback anyway !

Raphaël Doursenaud
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