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Re: [Dolibarr-dev] Incoterms

From: Maxime Kohlhaas
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-dev] Incoterms
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2013 15:15:35 +0200

Thanks Florian for your response. I asked my customer and for him, the price calculation function is not relevant because the transportation cost will be different each time for him.
I think I'll start with a simple option in the core to have this field displayed in forms and PDF and see later for adding calculation function.


Maxime Kohlhaas
Consultant associé
ATM Consulting
+33 6 33 42 92 43

2013/7/8 Florian Henry <address@hidden>

    I've seen this type of field when I was working into private company that use Siebel Oracle.

    I think it can be a good idea to add it into core version activable by switch options into proposals/order/invoice modules. All people that use Dolibarr do not use transportation, most of them do not use it.

    Another solution can be to promote a external module that works with standard extrafield feature (so no breaking after upgrade) and specifics pdf editions.

    The problem is still the price calulation function. We still do not have any way to overwrite it (except but change core code file (ugly...)) or call an external module method instead of standards one. We should discuss about plan that stuff into roadmap for Dolibarr 3.5.

Florian HENRY
+33 6 03 76 48 07
Twitter : @_Open_Concept_
Secretaire de l'association Dolibarr
Le 08/07/2013 14:58, Maxime Kohlhaas a écrit :
Hi all,

A customer asked me to add a new field on proposal, order and shipment : Incoterms.
Here's the wiki source explaining it. In short terms, this notion is a normalized way of describing the "International commercial terms" :

Do you think this could be helpful in the core ? As an option ?


Maxime Kohlhaas
Consultant associé
ATM Consulting
+33 6 33 42 92 43

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