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Re: [Dolibarr-dev] NPR VAT

From: Sébastien
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-dev] NPR VAT
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2013 10:39:20 +0400
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Reply to Raphël :

I looked at your fournisseur.product.class.php.patch and the changes suggested here were not in your pull request
Yes i have added some fix (for example when you edit reseller price, the tva input field is always empty, it is not a npr vat problem only)

In my tree I have a bunch of references to recuperableonly all over the place.
Yes, this references aren't about "product_fournisseur_price"
This field is in table llx_c_tva, llx_product and llx_product_price

what is the purpose ? remove all recuperableonly fields and references ?

I'm also suprprised to see a database field renaming without the proper code into the sql migration script in the install directory.
In fact, in my pull request, they are to commit about this field :
commit be8a95a add recuperableonly field to product_fournisseur_price table
commit 5921033 rename recuperableonly field to info_bits
They are just a new field "info_bits"

Reply to Laurent :
Our main problem is that the npr feature has so few users using it than we don't have test unit for it to check feature is working correctly beteen each versions
Yes it's my fault, I should have done the test before 3.4.0 released but i do not have time. For the next release, I'll try to improve it.

What's the best way to resolve npr problem's ? I must work on dev branch or on 3.4.0 branch ? What's the purpose about recuperableonly field ? ...
Actually, I have some times to work on it.

Le 03/09/2013 21:19, Destailleur Laurent a écrit :
Hi Sébastien.

I am sorry too.
I checked your patch files and it seems most of them are included into the code. But if something does not work as you expect, there is surely something wrong somewhere with this feature.

We make a very big clean of code and uniformize a lot of field name into 3.4, trying to not break even not common features. Our main problem is that the npr feature has so few users using it than we don't have test unit for it to check feature is working correctly beteen each versions, and don't get bug report to check it.

Is the problem on all npr vat management (supplier and customer invoices) or only supplier invoice ?
I think your patch is still here but a regression appears at one place. It is enough may be to break all feature, but i don't think all your patch is lost. Your help to localize regression is surely appreciate (we don't have people knowing this feature like you in our core team).

PS: Don't worry for french. As you said, this feature is used only by french speaking people. Also i prefer your help in french than no help at all ;-)

Le 3 septembre 2013 14:09, Sébastien <address@hidden> a écrit :

They are lot of error with TVA npr and Dolibarr version 3.4.0
When i see the source code, my patches sent in march has removed ... i don't understand !
The old push request :
For exemple, in htdocs/fourn/class/fournisseur.product.class.php the function "fetch_product_fournisseur_price" is completely broken, npr is removed !

Sorry but the next in french ...

Je ne comprends pas trop tout ces changements de code dans la version 3.4.0 au niveau de la tva NPR, c'est un bon retour en arrière ....
En pièce jointe les modifications pour la gestion de la npr avec un patch par fichier modifié et l'explication ci-dessous :

Fichier htdocs/fourn/class/fournisseur.product.class.php
Réintégration de la propriété fourn_tva_npr à partir du champ de base de donnée "info_bits"

Fichier htdocs/product/fournisseurs.php
Lors de l’édition d'un prix fournisseur existant, le champ tva est complété
Correction de l'appel de la fonction "update_buyprice" (le champ npr n’était pas au bon endroit)
Ajout de l'argument npr lors de l'appel de la fonction "vatrate" (Pour l'affichage des prix fournisseurs dans le tableau)

Fichier htdocs/product/price.php
Ajout de l'argument npr lors de l'appel de la fonction "vatrate" pour l'affichage et ajout pour le formulaire d’édition également

Pour l'instant pas d'autre soucis à signaler. Je continue ma petite recherche et j'envoie les patchs si il y en a.
Je me permets de parler pas mal en français, mais ce truc tordu qu'est la tva npr, à mon avis il n'y a qu'en France que ça existe .... et mon anglais, il faut l'avouer, est déplorable ! :)

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