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Re: [Dolibarr-dev] Translations management

From: Sasa Ostrouska
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-dev] Translations management
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2014 17:00:09 -0300

On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 1:41 PM, Marcos García <address@hidden> wrote:
I can confirm that since we started using Transifex, minor versions don't get updated translation files as Transifex only translates latest version.

I don't think Transifex is the best service for our needs but it is what we have right now.

I think Transifex is not a problem, but the problem is the same, the roadmap and the decision on when to include the translations.
I also think that having the languages in 2 places is not good, for example, the main language is english and french, they are on github, then
from there it have to be updated on transifex and then others can go ahead with translations. Maybe i´m wrong but it seems that way to me.

Marcos García

2014-11-28 15:14 GMT+01:00 Doursenaud, Raphaël <address@hidden>:
Hi everyone,

I'd like to have a better understanding of the way we manage translations in the Dolibarr project because I reported quite a few translation related bugs for our current 3.7 beta and am doing followup work to ensure these are fixed before release.

I also carefully red the translator documentation on the wiki (

I read that translations are only synced with the develop branch.
Does this mean that the fixes to the bugs I reported won't make it to our 3.7 release?

If that's the case, this is an unacceptable situation!
I understand it can be quite tedious to deal with Transifex syncing but when we're on a freeze phase before a major release, syncing should be done with the stabilization branch (3.7 at the moment).
The beta cycle is the best moment for translators to submit and polish their work.

Can a Yoda clear thing up for me?

Also I find quite dumb to recommend automatic translations first.
We all know that automatic translations are dubious and can't possibly match the quality of a carefully crafted human translation preferably done by a native speaker.
I propose rearranging the wiki page to have Transifex at the top. Any objections?


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