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Re: [Dolibarr-dev] Use HTML 5 and css 3 in dolibarr

From: Doursenaud , Raphaël
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-dev] Use HTML 5 and css 3 in dolibarr
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 15:40:47 +0100

From what I've read, I'd say the opposite.

It gives great accessibility on devices supporting it (and yes Firefox mobile has support for the tel type) without any drawbacks anywhere else since it fallbacks to a simple text fields on all browsers without explicit support.


Plus it seems to be part of the HTML5 specification at W3C:

Moving Dolibarr to full HTML5 compliance is a huge undertaking but I can see the benefits for all our users.

inline-block is part of CSS2 so it should be safe to use without any restriction.
It is supported by all major browsers:

My 2 cents

2015-03-23 11:16 GMT+01:00 Florian HENRY <address@hidden>:
This type of input are not supported by all brower. Chrome introduce this feature and try to push it into HTML 5 spécification, without sucees for now, but it is not implemented in firefox for example.
As for now, for me it is not recommanded (this is just my personnal point of view)

Florian Henry
+33 6 03 76 48 07
Twitter : @_Open_Concept_
Google+ :

Le 23/03/2015 11:08, Michael Parchet a écrit :


Can I use the HTML 5 and css 3 language in dolibarr auch as:
HTML 5 code :

<input type="tel">

<input type="Email">

css code :

display : inline-blok :

Thanks for your answer

Best regards


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