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Re: [Dolibarr-dev] SQL guidelines into migration scirpt

From: Laurent Destailleur (aka Eldy)
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-dev] SQL guidelines into migration scirpt
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2015 18:49:57 +0100

Yes, We must include tests dedicated for pgsql.
A first step is to test an install process on pgsql.

Easier to do, another thing we can add into the travis test is a script that will make a grep and return an error if a forbidden key is found into htdocs/install/mysql/*/*.sql files. So an error will be reported when a PR not compatible with pgsql is done.

2015-11-06 11:03 GMT+01:00 Florian HENRY <address@hidden>:
Hello All,

    During solving an issue
    I've meet some bad SQL practice into core sql migration files.
    As dolibarr is PgSql comptabile we must keep in mind some SQL rules :
        for exemple
            ALTER TABLE llx_societe_rib ADD COLUMN frstrecur varchar(16) default 'FRST' after rum;
        will not work in pgsql (due to our SQL wrapper /core/db/pgsql.class.php)
            ALTER TABLE llx_societe_rib ADD COLUMN frstrecur varchar(16) DEFAULT 'FRST' AFTER rum;
        is the good syntax

    a PR is on is way with this fix on 3.8 branch
    Should we include into test unit pgsql migration script ?

Florian Henry
+33 6 03 76 48 07
Twitter : @_Open_Concept_
Google+ :

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