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Re: [Dolibarr-dev] Upgrade work methods

From: Christophe Battarel
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-dev] Upgrade work methods
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2019 18:20:08 +0100
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Thank you Mickaël for sharing your thoughts with us.

I do not know if you have already done it but you should propose your ideas by creating issues and pull requests on github.

And by the way, do not hesitate to be gentle with those who are carrying this great project on their shoulders for years ;-) even if new ideas are always welcome, you should communicate in a more consensual way i think...

Best regards


On 14/01/2019 17:31, Mickaël PENHARD wrote:
Hi maintainers,

Are you openminded to change the way you work on this projet ? There is a lot of improvement that can be made, the simplest to begin with is commit, I ask 3 or 4 times already if it's possible to use commit as it should be, but nothing change ?

About commit, it's really a pain to find something and follow upgrade in this context, stop the races version which is absolutely not right, the v1.0.0 it still not available because not all functionally that was suppose to work (base on which is in the wiki, and what is in master version do not do).

Like this commit : 
Why did you put all the garbage of .less/.svg which is not use as I can see in the code, only the compiled css + compiled font is used (like 10 files at max).

Here a simple list :

1. Commit != CTRL+S
2. Commit message should be clear about what it fix/update
3. Stop merge commit on all this versioning ecosystem which not usefull at all
4. Everytime a file is edit, CLEAN IT remove all tabs => space
5. Everytime a function is edit use variable with proper names, not test, thing, object, blabla...
6. Rename table name, all in english, rename inconsistency field example : (facture->facnumber, facture_fourn->ref)
7. Stop any other new development before everything which is available really work, like accountancy
8. It's not possible to refactor (less work to redo everything), but keep old code style clean as much as possible will be a start.
9. I actually manage teamworkers on development projects, and like I said often, let MySQL do the work for you as much as possible, so when you do query like for VAT functions, do the simple math directly in MySQL, all the code of MySQL is reviewed/controlled and each fonction is optimised as much as possible, you will never (or in rare case) bit them on that task, so do it in SQL cleaner/faster :).
10. Avoid sql slit like in accountancy $sql .= .= .= .= use sprintf, or add a function to make format like :
11. Avoid multi copy of the same code
12. Wrong usage of jdate( it should be link to sql result object not db object, which make it a pain to use, because of the need to make db instance follow dataset.
13. etc...

Thanks for reading,
Best regards,

Alvaria SASU - CEO

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