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[Auth][PG-Proposal] <revised> dotGNU authentication and authorization su

From: Matthew Copeland
Subject: [Auth][PG-Proposal] <revised> dotGNU authentication and authorization subsystem. (fwd)
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 14:42:14 -0500

I had someone send me e-mail asking me to post this to the list, since
they couldn't find it in the archives, so here you guys go.

Project:        dotGNU authentication and authorization subsystem
Proposed Mailing List name:     address@hidden

        The purpose of this project will be to find a replacement for a
single server/entity control over authentication (i.e.  passport) that
will allow the following.

*       Control of data by the individual.  (Privacy Protection)  This
        will include the ability of the individual to selectively choose
        who may or may not access any piece of user information.

*       Mechanism for automatic logins and single logins.  

*       Distributed and scalable control mechanism for servers such that
        any individual, company, or government can create an
        authentication server and the user can decide which to use at run
        time.  (This means that no single authority can also manage
        primary servers like you see with the root nameservers under DNS.)

*       The creation of a framework by which the user locally controls the 
        there data on there own system.  All data is stored locally,
        unless the end user specifically moves to migrate there data to
        some none locally controlled system.  Any proposed solution must
        allow the user to choose the location of an authentication system
        at run time.  This last statement is somewhat obvious from the
        preceding statemnts.

*       Method for replacing .NETs authentication system with the dotGNU 
        authentication system.

*       Method for handling anonnimity within the network.

*       Methods for securly handling all data, personal or otherwise.

        If I have missed any points, please respond to this message with a
brief description of what is missing.  Also, if I didn't get a point
correct in a requested revision, please clarify some more, and I will make
another go at it.


1.      Changes based upon comments from Norbert Bollow and his
        quotes from David Sugar.

Matthew M. Copeland

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