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[Auth]Re: [Arch]Software agents in DotGNU

From: Pandurang Rao
Subject: [Auth]Re: [Arch]Software agents in DotGNU
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 10:15:54 -0700 (PDT)

Further thoughts on Software agents.

Agents are of two types: client-side(CA) and

Agents are managed by their respective managers: CA
Manager(CAM) and SA Manager(SAM)

Information is rendered on the screen by browsers or
custom-built clients.

CAMs and SAMs control the resources available to CAs
and SAs.

Resources include (scripting code, data, UI templates,
exposed interfaces, etc.)

Agents work in two modes, basic and advanced.

Basic mode:
The basic mode is for quick, standardized data
processing. e.g. Weekly weather forecast for a given

CAM has the skeleton code to connect to a DotGNU
weather server(WS).
CA requests CAM to negotiate with SAM on its behalf.
CAM connects to the WS which has a SAM running on it.
CAM now negotiates transaction details with SAM.
CAM requests SAM for a UI template much like an HTML
form with "post" capabilities.
SAM sends a UI template (based on the data needed by
its SAs).
CAM hands off this template to the renderer.
User enteres the data and fires off the CA.
CA sends the request to SAM.
SAM then hands off the request to the first available
SA to run the request.
SA runs the request against its datastore and returns
a resultset
CA receives the resultset, inserts it into the UI
template and hands it off to the renderer.

Note: Is RDF applicable in this context?

Advanced mode:
To be continued.

Thanks and regards,
Pandu Rao

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