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RE: [Auth]simplest design

From: Nick Lothian
Subject: RE: [Auth]simplest design
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 12:06:54 +0930

> "protocol" sounds somewhat sophisticated to me.
> What exactly does the simplest possible useful solution
> require? Well, it requires you (web page designer) to
> tell me (Mr. Plugin) whether you want me to use GET
> or POST, and it requires you to tell me what personal
> information fields you're asking for. Let's make things
> really nice for Mr. web page designer, and say that
> you can also specify alternative names for our
> "standard" fields. That's about it!

There are at least two sets of pre-exisiting work in this area.

An organisation created a standard for form fieldnames to do exactly that. I
don't recall the name, and I can't find their website.

Microsoft also has integrated vCard support in IE
ference/properties/vcard_name.asp). You add an attribute to a field and it
will automatically fill out the appropriate entry from the vCard in your
address book marked as yourself. 


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