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Re: [Auth]USB key fob?

From: Vinko Vrsalovic B.
Subject: Re: [Auth]USB key fob?
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 23:50:28 -0400 (CLT)

> just a thought, as a way to carry your personal data around how about a 
> USB key fob(I think Dell make them). they hold (I think) about 8 megs of 
> data.
> (is fob the right word?)
> it's a small device designed to go on your keyring, and while at first 
> it might seem dumb to use in hardware like this, but does anyone on this 
> list not have a keyring already for their house or car that they carry 
> with them almost always?
Yes, but you cannot base the scheme on a piece of hardware that not
everybody will have access to, given that you don't know if it will
be produced two months from now or in what countries will it be
available and at what price.

> what do you folks think about this scheme?

It's nice, and it could (should, maybe?) be supported in the auth
system, but you can't build all the scheme on that.

Here's an idea:

What if the auth system is able to support various storage systems?

I'm thinking about something like CSS's support for various display

That way you could have a plugin that can use:

-Local DB -> by HW or SW
-Remote DB
-Distributed DB

And also you could have the server side module with support
for all those schemes.

V. <address@hidden>

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