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Re: [Auth]Re: [DotGNU]A Proposal for a Solution (please read the end at

From: Norbert Sendetzky
Subject: Re: [Auth]Re: [DotGNU]A Proposal for a Solution (please read the end at least)
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 11:27:52 +0200

On Monday 16 July 2001 07:30, you wrote:
> Yes, I have seen the XML-RPC implementation that used jabber. I havent
> seen SOAP, but would think it would be even easier because SOAP is
> abstracted for these kind of needs. The XML-RPC implementation using
> Jabber is NOT standard, and is NOT compatible with normal XML-RPC
> classes. Since I believe SOAP is the way to go for the DotGNU project I
> dont think this is a problem.

I think that these protocols are far too complex. They require an 
implementation, which is not present everywhere. People will be easier to 
convince if we give them something, they can understand within a few seconds.

> If we have a distributed system like this, there might be need for a
> master registar of 'trusted servers'. Then it would work like this:
> 1) Joe wants to use service of CompanyA
> 2) Joe has an authentication account with AuthCo and so he logs in and
> gets a ticket
> 3) Joe shows his ticket to CompanyA
> 4) CompanyA sees that the ticket is from AuthCo and checks the registar
> for AuthCo's listing. If AuthCo is listed then it moves on, otherwise it
> can deny or accept depending on some settings that CompanyA's admin
> sets.
> 5) If we get this far then CompanyA verifies Joes ticket and the
> transaction can proceed

ONE master registrar is bad (too much power) Many registrars which can cross 
sign their identities (and therefore their users one) is perfect.


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