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Re: [Auth]The simplest thing that can possibly work

From: Norbert Sendetzky
Subject: Re: [Auth]The simplest thing that can possibly work
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 11:37:23 +0200

On Monday 16 July 2001 08:33, you wrote:
> Ron makes a very important point here.  The quick-and-dirty
> first incarnation of DotGNU Virtual Identities must be something
> where the server-side component can be set up without any
> assistence from the server administrator.

A simple solution don't have to be quick and dirty. Quick and dirty software 
usually is the result of a bad design. My way of thinking about Auth.GNU is a 
simple design, which is highly extensible for future use. We can then add 
more sophisticated things, which are already discussed.


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