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[Auth]Auth system Idea cleaned up (re: re:my two cents)

From: Jeremy Petzold
Subject: [Auth]Auth system Idea cleaned up (re: re:my two cents)
Date: 16 Jul 2001 10:35:20 -0700

**Data Stored Localy**

1) client requests access from webserver

2)webserver requests pertenint Data, the encrypted Authkey, and the IP 
addresses of the primary and secondary Auth Servers

3)web server sends encrypted key to the primary auth server if key is verified 
the web server processes the request for access, if there is no responce, 
the webserver resnds the encrypted key to the
secondary auth server, if it is rejected, the client data is rejected and 
deleted, and a notification is sent to the client.

**Data stored remotely**

1)client requests for access

2) webserver sends a request for pertinent data, the AuthKey,and the 
Primary/seconday auth server IPs

3)client sends request for release of data and the web server's IP to the 
DataBank server along with the encrypted DataBankKey.

4) Databank server verifies key, sends data, authkey, and auth server IPs to 
webserver. if rejected, the request is droped and a notification is sent.

5)same as step 3 above.
this should make my Idea a bit clearer, sorry if it seems redundant, I just 
wanted to makesure that it was  very clear.

BTW all the transmitions should be done via SHTTP



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