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[Auth]A Possible Solution

From: Adam Theo
Subject: [Auth]A Possible Solution
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 20:26:16 -0400

ok, the old thread of similar subject is being moved fuilly over to the
main developers list, but i'd like to continue it, specific to auth.

i have a couple of ideas that had been generated for the Jabber Identity
project, and would be more than willing to share them and discuss them

the jabber identity project, by the way, is aiming to create a fully
functional, 100% open, flexible, powerful and secure system for internet
identification and authorization. it will use the jabber open source
communication system ( ), so may not be totally relevant
at this time (but i am trying to get DotGNU to use jabber in some way,
hence why i'm moving the previous thread to the developers list).

there are two plans which do not rely on the jabber system at all, which
were brought up and are being discussed. they are called the Simple Plan
and the Ticket Plan. they can both be found at

i also encourage everyone to sign up for the Jabber Identity mailing
list, which you can find info about at the above site. it will be
discussing these plans, and while most of it will be jabber-related, i'm
sure you can get many ideas which can be easily ported out of jabber and
into DotGNU.

so, everyone, please take alook at the two above plans, and see if there
is anything there that you think you can use. both are 'down and dirty'
quick fixes, and can easily be used by DotGNU here.

and keep in mind, when it comes to authentication, PKI certificates are
the way to go!  :-)

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