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[Auth]the hear and now

From: Jeremy Petzold
Subject: [Auth]the hear and now
Date: 16 Jul 2001 20:21:01 -0700

I suggest that we get a new mailing list going that involves only the hear and 
now problems. we need to get our foot in the door ASAP.

we need to get a 1.0 out the door in a few months, not a year or so, even if it 
will be entirely replaced in 2.0

we need to compete with passport now, we need to compete with .NET in a few 

the only way to do this is to split discussion up into 2 parts, the grand 
scheme and the hear and now scheme.

the 1.0 list should be a discussion of how to implement standard tools easily 
in a way that can be picked up and used with very little expertise in 

I have herd some great Ideas, but they are being diluted by Ideas that won't 
come to fruition for a while. we need to concentrate these Ideas to make 
development faster.

get an new mailing list for version 1.0 so that we can start making some 
headway. I mean, geese, I feel like I am a congressman for god sakes :-)

thanks for your Eyes :-)


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