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Re: [Auth]some more thoughts

From: Keith Geffert
Subject: Re: [Auth]some more thoughts
Date: 17 Jul 2001 19:21:28 -0400

On 18 Jul 2001 08:40:05 +1000, Myrddian wrote:
> PDA, Mobile Phones, etc... the newer of these devices are comming out with 
> BlueTooth (right?) WEll  I do
> think it's important to target this group,since GNU/Linux is headed there.

I finally saw some BT pcmcia cards.  I do many things with Mark Mathews
wlan drivers (Hi Mark!) but bluetooth always seemed to be a logical
extension... small range but very low power.  Unfortunately the low cost
seems to have been dropped from the requirements.  I also heard
(unconfirmed) you have to pay for documentation.  But that may be

> I also think that if we could add Bluetooth, and embrace this technology we 
> could quickly gain support
> as MS with all of its hindsight decided not to add Bluetooth support for any 
> of it's OS or Software. 

The more the merrier.  The more we support the more attractive and
seductive dotGNU becomes.  I just wanted to get my point across --->
Making it too large or cumbersome for embedded devices would be a major
tactical error.

> Well I am going to find more information regarding Bluetooth, and see if we 
> can do an implementation
> using the GPL

I think I'll join you.

Keith Geffert
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