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[Auth]Cyberbodies - A simple generalization of the storage form

From: Carsten Kuckuk
Subject: [Auth]Cyberbodies - A simple generalization of the storage form
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 00:46:10 +0100

As promised twelve hours ago, here is a small improvement.

Carsten Kuckuk

Problem: Storing cyberbodies in two sequences doubles the risk of losing
the stored information. Losing one half is sufficient to make the other
half unusuable

Goal: By increasing the number of storage locations to n, redundancy can
be added. A scheme needs to be devised so that any k, 2<k<n sequences
out of n are enough to recover the original cyberbody.

Solution: For each pair (i,j), i<j of these locations calculate r_i_j
and s_i_j. Store r_i in location i, and s_j in location j. The full
cyberbody can then be recovered if two out of these n locations are functional.

Discussion: This is of cause a waste of space. So the next goal is to
device a general solution that uses up less storage space and works with
k>2 out of n locations.

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