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Re: [Auth]I claim simplest design of all time!

From: Adam Theo
Subject: Re: [Auth]I claim simplest design of all time!
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 08:21:30 -0400

Ron Burk wrote:
> I was determined not to beat this horse again, but this got me going.
> The simplest solution *is* extendible because it assumes
> nothing about the future except that you will need standard
> names for data fields like "Name", "Account", "Password",
> and so on. Does anyone doubt that assumption?
> If you're willing to go with that assumption, then read on.
> Ok, now I've stripped the simplest possible design even
> more -- no client software! Or rather, no dotGNU folks
> have to write any ANY SOFTWARE WHATSOEVER!
> (I know, it's like I'm a used car salesman trapped inside a
> programmer's body :-)
> I'm still operating on the level of strategy and market forces,
> and when someone pointed out the vendors of "form filler"
> software, that got me started thinking (see "Co-opetition"
> and that ilk for books that have warped my mind). I started
> trying to see various ways those folks fit into the picture,
> and then today I realized that they should be cooperators, not
> competitors. So, here we go:

mr Ron Burke, you have a winner here. this is an excellent idea! i mean
excellent! you have my admiration. not only is it simple, and not only
is it very easy for vendors and users to impliment, it will be appealing
to everyone, and most of all it has "that certain spark" to it.

hell, this might even be good enough to develop and evolve into the long
term plan... it will be an "uber form filling system" but i think it is
something everyone will like...

i'm not sure what i can do to help... hm... actually, i am.

are you going to get with form filler software makers to create a
"standard" for not only what information is held and and how it is used,
but how the information is stored? i mean, a standard XML spec or
somehting? if this is the case, then i think this project and my jabber
profiles/identity one can closely work together. we are also needing to
soon develop standard XML/RDF specs to hold personal info. the only
difference between us would be you keep the data on the local machine,
while we would be storing it on the jabber server. but the information
both our projects need is the same, so it stands to reason we can work
together to make the same set of specs...

let's talk, shall we?  :-) oohhh... i'm excited...

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