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[Auth]Relevant password vendors

From: Ron Burk
Subject: [Auth]Relevant password vendors
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 01:38:03 -0700

I started building a list of software vendors that
may be interested in participating in a single logon
standard. The list of folks I could find of the form
I thought most desirable (directly integrated with
browser) was disappointingly small. OTOH, the
list of all vendors in the market to manage passwords
is pretty big (and I only spent an hour looking).

Many of these other folks let the user launch to
the desired web site from their app. After looking at
some of them, I can see how many users might
actually find that preferable to having the automatic
password facility plugged right into the browser. The
separate utility sort of functions both as a password
manager, and "Favorites" list that's focused on places
you go that you have to log in to. Your password-protected
sites are all grouped in a separate little utility.
Also makes it clear where to go when you just want
to interact with the password database rather than
implicitly logon somewhere.

Anyway, here's what I've come up with. If you know of
someone not on this list, please send me an email
(or take over this list from me and just add it yourself :-).

Also, I noticed that v-GO SSO mentions their techniques
are "patent pending", but they also claim they require
no modification to existing web sites, so hopefully if
their patent is granted (does the PTO actually ever
reject any patents any more?) it will have no overlap
with dotGNU efforts.


Pretty sure Integrates with Browser





Not Sure

Password Pro

Password Protector

Password Tracker Deluxe

Probably not integrated with browser

2Z's Login Manager (not integrated with browser?)

ConnectPal Professional

ePassword Keeper


Password Bank Pro 2000

Password Guardian

Password Keeper 2000


Password Power


Ron Burk,

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