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[Auth]my simplest design

From: Khen Ofek
Subject: [Auth]my simplest design
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 22:47:11 +0300
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I know that there are many simplest designs on this list but still I would like to present my own simplest designs. I think that before we get into the technical details (such as <embed>) we need to define the general interface and flow that will take place as part of Authentication in DotGNU. You can see my take on such an inteface and flow in this URL :

I have another interface which is much simpler but it is more abstract. This second interface looks at the authetication process as a web service. Maybe this second interface can be the basis for the Architecture of DotGNU. The second inteface is in this URL :

What do you think?
Khen Ofek

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