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[DotGNU]more volenteers

From: Stewart
Subject: [DotGNU]more volenteers
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2001 22:01:11 +0200

Hello all

Whilst we are on the subject of volenteers here is another one.

I wish to help the DotGNU project. I have limited experience in programming
as I am currently doing my second year in Information Technology full-time.

I have been meaning to get into open source programming for a while and
now is the perfect opportunity and I hope that there is a kind hearted soul 
that could show me the
ropes so to say. What to do what to do and when to do it. I haven't even done a 
project for work
let alone open source so really this will be my first serious project

My level of experience is newbie in : C / C++, (very newbie) in Java, SQL, VB 
(poo), Scarda, Delphi.

I hope that there is a place for me some where in the DotGNU project.

Stewart Mackenzie

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