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[DotGNU]Antonio from Peru

From: Antonio Ognio
Subject: [DotGNU]Antonio from Peru
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 20:45:10 -0500 (PET)

Hello List,

This is Antonio Ognio from Lima, Peru (South America). I've joined
the "website" mailing list and hope to be helping Norbert soon with
spanish language translation of the precious DotGNU documentation.

After reading most of this month's archive I'm pretty confident
I will find some way of helping and justify my participation on the
developers mailing list sooner or later.

Thanks guys for the support you're giving to newcommers like me.

I've noticed some volunteers are not "experts" but by different
means believe they should be helping in THIS particular project.
This talks about the importance of DotGNU and I guess we'll be
having more and more adhesions pretty soon.

I'm also happy this project is becoming a framework for many people
to LEARN and also find the "right" path to the important things in
computer technology.

My current skill is writing mid-advanced level PHP applications. 
I'm begining developing skills in XML and XSLT. I have previous
object-oriented visual programming experience with Borland Delphi
but dropped out university without solid background on networking
and design techniques like UML. I can see for now that I could
help developing PHP code that take advantage of DotGNU.

Another area where I hope to help is documentation, so newcommers
find their way more quickly.

I didn't really picked Perl nor Java, nor VB. I've programmed
Pascal, C, Object-Pascal (Delphi) then PHP. But I have an strategy
I recommend to most people here: Learn C#.

I hope learning C# will teach me at least enough about object-
,interface programming, VM technology, webservices, data manipulation,
XML/XSLT, SOAP and Web and GUI programming as to make bigger 
to DotGNU. 

It looks like C# is designed to quickly take advantage of the .Net 
framework and I believe Portable.NET's C# implementation will be one
of the first programming languages to take full advantage of DotGNU.

For now I bought a couple of books from O'Really (.NET Framework 
and C# Essentials) and hope to learn from that as well as web research.

Just wanted to share this with other people.



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