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[DotGNU]On Fighting patents

From: Antonio Ognio
Subject: [DotGNU]On Fighting patents
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 20:48:03 -0500 (PET)

Norbert Bollow (address@hidden) wrote: 

>However there are other ways of creating "prior art" besides writing
>a working computer program.  Writing a technical "whitepaper", making
>a flowchart, or writing high-level pseudo-code, all that works just as
>well.  From the legal perspective, I think it doesn't matter too much
>if the various whitepapers, flowcharts and high-level pseudo code
>pseudo-programs don't fit together well - what matters it that all
>the ideas that we need and that Microsoft might try to get patents on
>are already "invented" before Microsoft "invents" them.

Norbert, but this inventions must be recorded somewhere for the to be
showed on court? I mean, you can pick a dusty diagram from your shell
and use that? 

I think this strategy for fighting patents in awesome but we better
publish the work as free software or under some free documentation
license. isn't it?

How do you handle the timeline issues here?


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