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[DotGNU]Architecture Neutral Distributed Format.

From: Hans-Olof Danielsson
Subject: [DotGNU]Architecture Neutral Distributed Format.
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 23:26:19 +0200


It might be of interest to have a look at

describing the Architecture Neutral Distributed Format ( ANDF )
and compare it with Melody.

Quote from the linked page:
<start quote>:
The Architecture Neutral Distributed Format, ANDF, is an
intermediate form of a computer program. A compiler using
ANDF will first compile the source text program from, for
example Ada 95 or C/C++, into ANDF, and then from ANDF
into machine code. The first part of the compiler is called the
"Producer", the second part the "Installer". The architecture
neutral idea is to use ANDF as the intermediate form no matter
what language is being compiled and no matter which processor
the code is generated for. The producer and the source code
oriented tools can be hosted on one platform while the installer
and the target tools can be hosted on another platform.
<end quote>

ANDF is supported by OSF and is undergoing ISO standardization
and should consequently suit us in the DotGNU project.

What do you think?

Bästa hälsningar/ Best regards

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