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[DotGNU]Re: New project proposal system

From: Barry Fitzgerald
Subject: [DotGNU]Re: New project proposal system
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 00:16:33 -0400

It appears that the example proposal document never got included.  Here
it is.

--- PROPOSAL ---

* Subject Line: [Subsystem-Proposal]<Original>DotGNU Project-Proposal 

* This Proposal is For a New:

        [ ] DotGNU software development project   
                Project name:

                Packages in this project:

        [X] Other
                List here: Proposal subsystem

* Essential Resources:

        [X] Mailing lists
                Mailing list names: (1) address@hidden

                Mailing list descriptions: 

                (1) Mailing list through which proposals are made for 
                    projects.  This is where the projects are first 
                    posted and then ratification is undertaken. 

        [X] Website resources
        [ ] Savannah location and space
                Savannah username:

                Savannah Project Name:

        [ ] Other
                List here:

* Are you willing to lead this project?:        
        [X ] Yes
        [ ] No

* Description:

        This proposal is designed to outline the need for resources to
institute a DotGNU project-proposal collection system.  Project
proposals would be e-mailed to address@hidden and then discussion
would take place concerning the need for that project and other issues
concerning the proposed projects.  Project Proposals should take the
form of this proposal itself.  The first proposal should be labelled
<Original> in the e-mail subject line.  Once the proposal is modified by
the original maintainer, the <Original> should be changed to <Revised>. 
Once the maintainer is happy with the proposal, the <Revised> subject
line label should be changed to <FINAL> and sent to
address@hidden  Once the project proposal is ratified, the FINAL
project-proposal is sent to address@hidden which will be
a moderated announcement list.

* Proposal Version (integer): 1

* Proposal Version date stamp:08/08/2001

* Proposal Maintainer name: Barry Fitzgerald

* Proposal Maintainer e-mail: address@hidden

* Revisions: None


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