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[DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.1.2 released

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.1.2 released
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 15:31:40 +1000

I have just uploaded Portable.NET version 0.1.2 to my Web site:

Web Page:

The main changes are a (more or less) fully working assembler,
even on fairly complex assembly input files.

I'll be importing the current state of the tree into the CVS server
at "";.  The project name is "dotgnu-pnet".
I'm working on migrating my Web site to the GNU servers also.

A full ChangeLog for 0.1.2 is appended.  I'm now turning my
attention, at long last, back to the C# compiler.



ChangeLog for 0.1.2 (13 August 2001)

    * Began building the linker library, for use by "ilalink" and
    * Fixed the handling of "MarshalledType" in the assembler so that
      the correct parameter records are created.
    * Implement ".override" and ".param" in the assembler.
    * Updated attribute names in the assembler to ECMA compliance.
    * Added the "ILMethodGetCode", "ILMethodGetExceptions", and
      "ILMethodFreeExceptions" functions to "il_program.h", to handle
      pulling apart a method's code area.  Updated "ildasm" to use
      these functions instead of its own.
    * Added support for integer label names in the assembler.
    * Exception blocks in the assembler.
    * Wrote the "debug.html" document, to describe a proposed mechanism
      for representing debug information in IL image files.
    * Added debug section support to the "image" routines.
    * Events and properties in the assembler.
    * Rearrange the assembler grammar to centralise the handling
      of method references, and to remove shift/reduce conflicts.
    * Dump the calling conventions of a property from its get or set
      method, because property signatures do not include the
    * Fixed a nasty memory corruption bug in "image/create.c" due to
      a reversed test.
    * Handle TypeDef parents that are later in the table than their
    * Implement call stack frame handling in the runtime engine.
    * Integrated some more C# compiler patches and
      from Norman Stevens <address@hidden>.
    * Implement TypeRef and MemberRef compaction in "image/compact.c".
    * Add token fixup support to the assembler and image routines, to
      fix up token references after compaction.
    * Fix the class scope handling.
    * Make the assembler less sensitive to changes in token codes that
      result from sorting and compacting metadata tables.
    * Fix so that it looks in "$PREFIX/bin" for "treecc"
      prior to searching the path.
    * Sort metadata tables that require it (constant, custom attr, etc).

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