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RE: [DotGNU]Multi-paradigm programming

From: Martin Coxall
Subject: RE: [DotGNU]Multi-paradigm programming
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 11:21:20 -0000

> > > The CLR already has some features that support
> > > multi-paradigm programming.  Logic and functional
> > > languages already run on the platform, and can
> > > interface with the regular imperative languages.
> There has to be some mapping of semantics of course.
> The program typically repacks the parameters and makes
> a call using the foreign language's calling conventions.

And of course, IL 1.0 is hardly the end of the line for IL: MS already has
research proposals for ILX which add numerous functional and other advanced
language constructs natively to ILX, which will make functional language
support a breeze. (PDF)


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