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Re: [DotGNU]SourceForge drifting

From: Gopal.V
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]SourceForge drifting
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 17:19:34 +0530
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> I have looked at phpgroupware, and think it has a very excellant set of
> ideas in it.  Where/how it fits/relates to DotGNU as currently engaged, I
> am not precisely certain, but I would be happy to talk about this further.
> I understand that php may again become free software, and if so, this is a
> good thing.
> David
        If ZEND becomes GPL'd , we have a highly optimized php engine. In the 
I think it will ( look at qt :). 

        PHP is a core language for dynamic data generation for the web. If 
PhpGroupWare has a SOAP/XMLRPC interface, it could well be the first 
real webservice we could plug dotGNU into. Moreover since it supports
PHP3, we can use it on our servers. Unlike the jabber servers, we have
no licensing problems. The XMLRPC interface ( I am told it works), could
be used to run dynamic apps. I think there are a few news ticker programs 
that use PHP to get data dynamically. But unlike these static format data
acquisition, XML data is much more flexible. This may also be standardized 
eg a function to get the list of all webservices. 

        After all this talking I am beginning to think implmentation side of 
the webservices.

        This combination of PHP for server-side, python for the UI , and XMLRPC
for communication would result in something far greater than Xforms. 

Imagine a standard set of GTK-widgets+GladeXML for all machines. Just download
the .glade file ( automatically ), run using the python GladeXML ( we would
need to do something to connect events , but since python __dict can be 
updated at runtime , we could use a remote function lookup and connect wrapped 
functions ) then communicate data from/to the PHP groupware for processing 
(may be implement a database query). Voila A live web app. This is not as 
easy as it sounds, 'cause security is a *BIG* issue for webapps. Like
a webform, we may also be able to add a scripted data verifcation.

        I would like if somebody else would comment on any possible glitches in 
this idea. 

        Once I started thinking this, I came to a better idea, why use PHP for 
server ? . We could as well use GEAS ( Daniel are you listening ? ) for
this purpose . But I will leave the decision to dotGNU. 

        I think all this departs from the SEE model, but as Norbert has said 
python will recieve support on SEE in the near future.

Happy Deepavali. 
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