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: [DotGNU]Distributed Savannah(was: phpGW and DotGNU)

From: tony stanco
Subject: : [DotGNU]Distributed Savannah(was: phpGW and DotGNU)
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 10:11:40 -0500

>Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 13:37:15 +0530
>From: "Gopal.V" <address@hidden>
>To: Dotgnu Mailing List <address@hidden>
>Organization: For a GNU world
>Subject: [DotGNU]Distributed Savannah(was: phpGW and DotGNU)
> The deployable savannah idea can also make money for FD. I think
>universities would gladly pay for their customised development system
>on campus. But I know the Savannah would be more successful here,
>what with Sourceforge "Proprietary" edition and all that.

I think universities will find Savannah very useful, but it is better to
have them part of the community and help develop projects, including hosting
mirrors of Savannah. The funding is more likely to come from research
granting entities at this point rather than the universities themselves,
since they are generally users of funding not suppliers of funding.

Cyberspace Policy Institute at George Washington University has recently
committed to sponsor some FreeSoftware projects for research grants during
the coming year. The question, now, is which projects to sponsor. I am
talking to Richard and others to create a priority list. There are a lot of
good candidates, including Savannah and a Virtual ID system, but no
decisions have been made. If you have other suggestions, please let me know.

Best regards,

Tony Stanco, Esq.
Senior Policy Analyst
Cyberspace Policy Institute
School of Engineering and
Applied Science
George Washington University
2033 K Street N.W., Suite 340
Washington, DC 20006
202-994-5513  Fax:202-994-5505

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