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[DotGNU]standard template format proposal

From: David Nicol
Subject: [DotGNU]standard template format proposal
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 17:24:52 -0600

Templates make translation and configuration much easier.

I propose that dotgnu standardize on a system in which:

        * every template gets its own file

        * variables in templates are of the form [name-tag] where 
        the dash and the tag are very optional, and may carry information
        about the variable -- (this syntax is taken from the
        template files of MIT cgiemail)

Furthermore, multipart templates, such as template systems for generating
the part above, each table row, and the part below, a web page with a
table in it, are considered a single template with the parts delineated
with application-arbitrary markers in HTML comments.

The experience of developing the quizpool software showed that if you are
trying to develop a maintainable web page made from fitting together
multiple files, that kind of thing is completely impossible for your 
page designer to edit with their WYSIWYG HTML editor, but a single
file that maps to a single page and is parsed to pieces by the
program that uses the template, and then reassembles it, can be edited
with graphical tools, and the markers, if they get lost, can be inserted
after the edit with a minimum of trouble -- at least less trouble than
dividing the file into three or more parts.

Is this making sense to everyone?

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