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[DotGNU]This week in DotGNU - no 7

From: Norbert Bollow
Subject: [DotGNU]This week in DotGNU - no 7
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 00:51:22 +0100

This week in DotGNU - no 7 (December 1, 2001)
See for general information about DotGNU.

1. "Curse of Frogger" C# video game released
2. IRC meeting of DotGNU, GNUCOMM, GNU Enterprise, phpGroupWare
3. New FAQ page on the DotGNU website
4. Discussion of Virtual ID systems

"Curse of Frogger" C# video game released
Rhys Weatherley has released "Curse of Frogger", a curses-based game
in the tradition of the "Frogger" arcade game.  It is written mostly
in C#, with a small amount of C to provide the curses glue logic via
PInvoke.  Version 0.2.6 or later of Portable.NET is required.  This
game is not just a mere amusement, but a demonstration that it is now
possible to implement real programs with DotGNU Portable.NET, and an
invitation to everyone to experiment with the C# compiler and
development tools.

Web Page:

IRC meeting of DotGNU, GNUCOMM, GNU Enterprise, phpGroupWare
Bradley Kuhn has organized an IRC meeting with representatives of the
GNU projects DotGNU, GNUCOMM, GNU Enterprise and phpGroupWare to
discuss possible cooperation.  Consensus has been reached on the
following points:

  * GNU Enterprise folks will try to write a wrapper library for as many
    languages as possible that will abstract away the details of XML-RPC,
    SOAP, and other such protocols.  Other projects will adopt this
    library if and when it comes into being for their chosen
    implementation language.

  * In the meantime, GNUe, DotGNU, GNU Groupware Standards, and
    phpGroupWare will favor XML-RPC over other RPC protocols whenever
    possible.  SOAP is the second choice if XML-RPC is impossible for
    some reason.

New FAQ page on the DotGNU website
An FAQ page has been added to the DotGNU website which answers
32 questions about the DotGNU vision, about contributing to the
DotGNU project, and about licensing issues.  The most noteworthy
parts of the FAQ are the definition of "webservices", the discussion
of how DotGNU can solve the vendor lock-in problem, and the list of
packages which need to get ready in time for DotGNU 1.0

Discussion of Virtual ID systems
A good, high-level discussion of Virtual ID systems has stared on the
auth list.  Those who are not subscribed (yet) are encouraged to read
the conversation in the archives, starting with message
You can subscribe to the list at

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"This week in DotGNU" is Copyright (C) 2001 by Norbert Bollow.
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