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[DotGNU]RPC agnostic interface

From: L. C. Rees
Subject: [DotGNU]RPC agnostic interface
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 20:03:23 -0800

Looking at "This week in DotGnu" at...

...I came across this passage...

"""* GNU Enterprise folks will try to write a wrapper library for as many 
languages as possible that will abstract away the details of XML-RPC,
SOAP, and other such protocols.  Other projects will adopt this library if and 
when it comes into being for their chosen implementation language.

* In the meantime, GNUe, DotGNU, GNU Groupware Standards, and phpGroupWare will 
favor XML-RPC over other RPC protocols whenever possible.  SOAP is the second 
choice if XML-RPC is impossible for some reason."""

...which I forwarded to Dave Winer of UserLand Software, XML-RPC's creator, 
who's always looking for examples of the protocol's use. These were his 

I don't know if the suggested interface fits but I thought I would point it out.

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