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Re: [DotGNU]File sharing app

From: Bill Lance
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]File sharing app
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 08:14:46 -0800 (PST)

--- Norbert Bollow <address@hidden> wrote:
> I have received a respnse from Roberto Bayardo, one
> of the
> people behind IBM's "uServ" file sharing
> application.  IBM
> apparantly sill doesn't know what to do with uServ
> (productize,
> offer as a service, license, or open source / Free
> Software),
> and this is likely to take a couple of months to
> sort out.
> I think we should probably assume that IBM is not
> likely to
> put uServ under GPL, and therefore we should build
> out own File
> sharing app, using Napster, Gnutella and also the
> uServ paper
> (see
> )
> as sources of inspiration.
> Any takers?  This is a project for building an
> application which
> has the potential of becoming very popular very
> quickly.
> Greetings, Norbert.

At the same time, perhaps it would be worth while to
lobby IBM to GPL the thing.  That would certainly save
a lot of time, not to mention giving IBM another
opportunity to 'walk the walk'.  They have certainly
been doing a damned good job of that so far.

Anybody have access to the IBMers that might make a
difference here?

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