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Re: [DotGNU]Several notes - We need a Motto...

From: Norbert Bollow
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Several notes - We need a Motto...
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 10:55:44 +0100

"Gopal.V" <address@hidden> wrote:

>       I have a better idea that will be attractive to lazy
>       users.
>       "DotGNU : make the web work for you".

I like this one.  It'll also appeal to businesses which are (from
the perspective of marketing for revenue) our main target group.

(We need to create a company around the DotGNU project which
will generate revenue and pay developers.  The Board of
Directors, which oversees the work of the executives and all
business activities, will be democratically elected by all
participating developers in DotGNU, according to the principle
of "one developer, one vote".  I will post more details as soon
as the business plan has been worked out in sufficient detail.
If you're interested in helping with working out the business
plan, please contact Barry Fitzgerald <address@hidden>
in private email and Cc: me.)

> It still amazes me that the high priced wordsmiths at
> MS are unconcerned that the word 'net' also means a
> thing that ensnares and entraps someone.

Yes, that is good for us, and Microsoft's other competitors, as
this is easy for the media to pick up on.  However, we should
not speak too much about .NET, especially not in a motto.  As a
general rule, we should speak about the advantages of our
approach and let the media do the rest.

Greetings, Norbert.

A member of FreeDevelopers and the DotGNU Steering Committee:
Norbert Bollow, Weidlistr.18, CH-8624 Gruet   (near Zurich, Switzerland)
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