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From: Dave Manning
Subject: [DotGNU]Introduction
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 16:22:47 -0700

A moment of your indulgence please.  I just wanted to post my
introduction here as it seems dotGnu has a very tight, team-spirited
community.  Aside from the basic idea of what you're doing, this
comraderie is something I want to be a part of, so if you'll give me a
few minutes, I'd like you all to know who I am.

Though nearing retirement from the US military service, I've been quite
busy the last few years getting that education I never had time for in
my younger days.  Two more classes and will complete my BS in Computer
Science and Management, Computer Information Systems.  WooHoo!  To be
finally finished.  I'm relatively new to Linux, though I must say since
I install RH 7.2, I am completely converted over from the Microserf
collective.  This is what software was intended to be...useful, stable,
and personally empowering.  It's no wonder the folks at Redmond find
Linux such a serious threat.

My programming background is mostly with C and Assembly (hehehe...I can
already hear the groans from folks who dabbled with Assembly.)  Yes,
I'll admit my own insanity by stating upfront that I personally like
Assembly and am quite comfortable with it.  I have played with C++
somewhat and am still getting a handle on UML as a means of program
design.  I have no experience programming for the internet but am quite
eager to learn as I go.  Friends tell me I have an uncanny talent for
finding undocumented "features" in any system.  More bluntly, I can
crash most anything without even trying.  "Yes, it appears robust and
stable, but is it Dave-proof?"  For example, I inadvertantly crashed
Windows XP 8 times in 3 days, each time requiring a complete
re-installation.  So much for MS touted system stability.  Interestingly
enough, Red Hat 7.2 has only required one re-installation, and that was
because Win XP trashed the RH partition in a fit of jealousy.

Anyhow, back to why I'm here.  As my wife put it, this dotGnu concept
has got to be the coolest idea on the web.  The very idea of developers
gathering together to improve the internet, while keeping it free and
open, is something every programmer should want to be a part of.  I
don't what I can do to help yet, but I'm certainly willing to learn and
contribute in whatever way I can.


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