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[DotGNU]OT Compiler question

From: Bill Lance
Subject: [DotGNU]OT Compiler question
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 05:06:02 -0800 (PST)

This group is the most knowledgable about compilers of
any I know, so I ask this question here.  I can
accross this at the mplay site.

"gcc - suggested version is from 2.95.2 to 2.95.4.
NEVER use 2.96 or 3.x.x !!! They generate faulty code.
If you decide to change gcc from 2.96, then don't
decide in favor of 3.0 juts because it's newer! In
some ways it's even worse than 2.96. So downgrade to
2.95.x (downgrade libstdc++ too!) or don't
up/downgrade at all (but in this case, be prepared for
runtime problems). Detailed information about gcc
2.96's bugs can be found here and in the FAQ !"

There are more links to detail within the document as

The question is, Just how much of an issue is this? 
The thought of downgrading my compiler environment
bothers the piss out of me.  

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