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Re: [DotGNU]Portable.NET focus for the next 2 months

From: Gopal.V
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Portable.NET focus for the next 2 months
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 21:10:59 +0530
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Hi Everybody,
> My primary focus is the C# compiler: it needs to get to the
> point where it can self-compile pnetlib so that we can break
> the Windows dependencies once and for all.  Bradley Kuhn of
> the FSF is also investigating what it will take to put a Java
> front-end on the compiler so we can compile Java to IL.
    I hope we reach full self-hosting in a month or so (taking into
account Rhys's productivity). How does Java to IL compiler function ?.
Can I write Pnetlib classes in Java ?.

    It all comes to, "Can we inter-program with Java & C# ?".
> The one area that I probably won't be able to do much on
> is pnetlib, so volunteers are needed.  Gopal V and Andrew
> Mitchell have been working on a class status page that
> will automatically show the current state of pnetlib, and
> the list of things still to be done.  Hopefully this will be up
> on the DotGNU Web site shortly.  Pick a class.  Any class.
    It's been up since christmas. I really need someone with
CVS access to to upload it for me. Also those who
really want to pick a class now can do that with "csdocvalil".
> I also need testers to bang on the engine, compiler, and
> pnetlib.  There are the beginnings of a unit test framework
> in place, but I need people to help fill in the gaps.
    The Unit test-framework lacks solid stuff, it's just good
for testing out operations/opcodes. We need people like "Dave 
-redtalons- Manning" to really bang the bugs out of the VM & 
Compiler. (QUOTD: VM debugging is still a black art -- Rhys).

    With "ILDB" working I think debugging will become easier for
the many headed. Current status of ildb is recursively funny.

<snip to="drive a programmer crazy">
(ildb) help
Undefined command: "help". Try "help".

I guess Rhys doesn't need debuggers.
(My idea of debugging is "rewrite until it works")

Note: has anybody taken up the p2p file sharing app ?          |
      if(language==Java)                                       |
      {                                                        |
        dotgnu.developers.sendTo(gopalv,"I have started");     |
        this.addDeveloper("Gopal.V");                          |
        //I hope that made my intentions clear                 |
      }                                                        |
 The difference between insanity and genius is only measured by success

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