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[DotGNU]Can I help

From: Jerry Walter
Subject: [DotGNU]Can I help
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 09:16:27 -0500

I know I posted this earlier, and I apoligize if it gets duplicated. I hope
this time I can follow the procedures correctly? 

Thanks for your patience !

I would like to help in some capacity.
Here is a quick resume of my talents, so as to assist someone in
figuring out where I can fit in.

C               15 years.
C++             newbe
JAVA            newbe
PL/1            1 year
FORTRAN         1 year

UNIX            2 years
VAX/VMS         2 years
Linux           newbe
Windows         6 years
DOS             6 years

Other Experience
GUI Design and Layout
Documentation (API, User, and code design)
Unit testing
Integration testing
Message brokering (through MQ series - limited)

Management and Engineering Experience
Specification gathering and reporting
Application design
Client interaction
Project management
Technical Support over newsgroups and phone
BS in Civil Engineering (minor in Computer Science)
Ongoing education in JAVA and C++

Instructor in day long seminars
Published in Corporate Users magazine
Speaker at users conferences
Part time instructor at community college (not recently)

        As for my exposure to Microsoft's .Net initiative, only what I have
read in the trade publications. I do have VC 6.x loaded on the corporate
laptop, but only to compile the Xerces XML interpreter and to do some
oop, to learn the subject.

        I have been working for Bentley Systems for the last 4+ years in the
Utilities solutions department, which recently has been incorporated
into the Consulting services department. Bentley produces Microstation,
an engineering CADD software and is the main competitor to Autocad
(aghhh!). Our group, who are comprised mostly of telecommuters, take the
Microstation platform, and other Bentley products and work with
utilities (telco, gas, electric) to provide customized solutions for
their engineering needs. This usually encompasses Oracle RDB and other
products also. 

I could go on......., but I think that is enough for now. I currently do
not have Linux up and running but could given a week or so (other
commitments tugging at my time).

Let me know ! 

Jerry Walter
Professional Services
Bentley Consulting
Bentley Systems, Inc.
We design, build, implement and support the best engineering environments in
the world !

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