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Re: [DotGNU]DotGNU task list

From: S11001001
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]DotGNU task list
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 17:36:58 -0600
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Gopal.V wrote:

If memory serves me right, S11001001 wrote:

 <li>the DotGNU development environment</li>

        This looks like a great idea to me. Something I probably won't use
at all, but will reduce the entry level barrier of FreeSoftware.

Well, I hope whoever picks up this project will make something you want to use :) Also, this entry-level has to be lower than that of anything out there now.

  <li>graphical debugger</li>

        A must-have !. Debugging is a lost art to most people out here.
(including me, but my code works doesn't it).

No comment ;)

   <li>the viewing version will be included in user distribution?</li>

        The help browser ?. We already have a similar thing in GNOME don't we ?.

Yes, but it is not an 'info' browser, and relying on GNOME may become a problem. The idea behind this is to get people to write documentation that follows GNU standards, and that means texinfo. Maybe dependence on texi2html?

<li>tutorials and manuals, libs and langs as used with this platform
        Who's gonna write them ?

That's the idea of the task list, to find someone to write these things. From

<<We very urgently need documentation for many existing parts of the system.

Note that there are proprietary manuals for many of these topics, but proprietary manuals do not count, for the same reason proprietary software does not count: we are not free to copy and modify them. We do not recommend any non-free materials as documentation.>>

My Wishlist

        * Function lookup in manuals -- TurboC has this, why not us ?.

I mentioned this in the task list. This is another part of the help browser, and may be the reason the project has to produce another one.

        * I prefer XML + GZIP instead of using TexInfo directly
                - After all this is all about interoperability
                - Also this can produce PDF,PS or HTML from manuals

Normally, I would prefer this. However, it seems that XML is in the same mess as the W3C now? Also, texinfo is the GNU standard.

        * Look at Kdevelop for inspiration please :-)

Thank you for reminding me about KDevelop :) I have added it to the tree.

Linus?  Whose that?
        -- clueless newbie on #Linux

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