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[DotGNU]java and pnet

From: Jakob Praher
Subject: [DotGNU]java and pnet
Date: 02 Feb 2002 10:17:32 +0100

hi all,

kudos to you all - you are doing a great job.
especially Rhys, you have done an amazing work, and the best of all you
have done it for bringing more freedom to people - great!

first of all I am Jakob Praher, currently, amongst other things studying
computer science, in Linz, Austria.

I would like to contribute to dotGNU, especially in getting first class
Java support for this great plattform.

I think there is a lot of free software efforts going on in java right
now, especially in XML and things (or think of AspectJ - great
software), and it is a pitty that there is no really free vm for true
Java 2 apps right now - yes I know kaffe, japhar, ...   but I was very
disappointed to see that all of this projects are in a kind of
hibernated state.

If we could manage to get pnet to deliver java bytecodes in a *fast*
manner ( I would like to contribute on performance too, since I am very
interested in this topic, especially the hotspot way of runtime
analysis, the inlining, the 2-gerneration-garbage collector and so on...
) it would simply be great!!
[ so one vm for two hearts ;-) ]

Perhaps we could assign a webpage devoted to java in dotGNU/pnet, where
we keep track, who is going to do what and so.

[ Generally I think, the better the web page of this project is, the
more people find it easy to start contributing, and feel more
comfortable with this project - what do you think? ]

The classpath project seams to be a goot starting point for the java

I am also going to study the pnet project, as well as the CLI ecma
standard to gain more understanding how CLI really differs to JVM -
allthough I am quite comfortable with the JVM internals, I have to learn
more about the CLI.

I will document my efforts, so after all, I might be able to at least
contribute on the documentation side.

so thanks for reading this.
I am sure that this project will have a prosperous future - It truely
deserves it!

looking forward to hearing your commments



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