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[DotGNU]Association of Internet Professionals - Java2EE vs .Net debate (

From: Mario D. Santana
Subject: [DotGNU]Association of Internet Professionals - Java2EE vs .Net debate (fwd)
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2002 15:32:53 -0800

I just moved to Miami so I joined this Ft. Lauderdale (30 mins away) LUG 
called flux. This message came to the mailing list for it. I'll probably 
attend and see if I can't add Freedom to the "Areas of debate" list.

Shall I post a report?


------- Forwarded Message

Association of Internet Professionals - March 7 Meeting

This meeting is of special interest to Developers and Managers considering
the applicability of technologies for their careers and the needs of their

JAVA vs .Net - The War at the Shore. You've heard of the "Thrilla in Manila"
and the "Rumble in the Jungle", we now present  "The War at the Shore". In
the .Net corner is Microsoft Consultant extraordinaire Paul Kavanagh and in
the JAVA corner is John McLaughlin of Sun Microsystems.

It's .Net vs Java, Microsoft vs Sun, Gates vs McNealy, England vs Scotland,
all in one amazing event!   Come see a spirited, but civilized, debate about
the feature sets of .Net and JAVA.  Areas of debate include:

Developer Tools
Web Services
Deployment Considerations

Even though these are topics that meet religious stature with many
developers, this meeting will be all about the comparisons of features, no
bashing will be tolerated!!! Joe Homnick, at a slimmed down fighting weight
of 250, will be the moderator for the debate.

Who:            The Association of Internet Professionals
When:           Thursday, March 7th, 6pm to 8pm
Where:          The Embassy Suites Hotel, I-95 and Yamato Road, see link
Topic:          Microsoft vs Java for Internet Application development
Speakers:       Paul Kavanagh, Microsoft Consulting Specialist
                John McLaughlin, Sun Microsystems Senior Consultant
Cost:           $5
RSVP:           address@hidden or 561-368-0010

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Adam here again ... If you go, remember that "no bashing" rule!  :)

                                                                --Adam  :-)

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