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Re: [DotGNU]Storm clouds on the horizon

From: Seth Johnson
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Storm clouds on the horizon
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 09:09:08 -0500

I think Microsoft can rationally choose to do this sort of
thing not to kill P2P, but to establish precedent for
content control in a P2P context -- which translates into a
steady toll stream to sell to the content control
interests.  Which kills a lot of P2P, a lot of the prospects
and a lot of the spirit as well as the market.

Also, yesterday the W3C published a Microsoft-sanctioned
standard for XML digital signatures.

Seth Johnson

Bill Lance wrote:
> Word is bubbling out of Redmond that Microsoft is
> working on a peer-2-peer server technology somewhat
> similar to the Virtual Remote Server.  They call is
> FarSite (nice name).  Since the idea is pure poison to
> MS's vison of a MS server centric future, it seems
> strange that MS would invest money and resource in
> this.  A few careful probes of the beast reveals their
> purpose.
> MS intends to kill effective p2p technologies with
> patents.  Their plan is to develop a portfolio of
> related patents, then use them in courts to attack any
> p2p developments outside of their control.
> Now that we know about it, what do you do to protect
> ourselves?  A good, fleshed out 'prior art' reference
> library might help.  Any other ideas?
> (I find it astonishing the MS can find so many
> otherwise intellegent and competent researchers who
> are willing to spend their time and energy destroying
> the very potential that they claim to love.  We all
> know about MS management.  But how on Earth does the
> moral and ethical rot spread so deeply into the
> ranks!)
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