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[DotGNU]UI and SEE (was Re: What Web Services Are NOT)

From: S11001001
Subject: [DotGNU]UI and SEE (was Re: What Web Services Are NOT)
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 18:41:33 -0600
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Norbert Bollow wrote:
Regardless of where webservices are used, they will be used to
put together a system that does something useful.  The users of
this system deserve to get a decent user interface, hence the
plan to create CD-ROMs with a very portable Secure Execution
Environment platform that allows a program which implements this
user interface to be executed locally, on ther user's PC.

Speaking of user interface, I believe you are saying that there must be both a client ("implements UI") and a server, and that the RPC needed for webservices will be handled by the programs individually.

Sorry, I originally thought the UI transference would be handled by SEE/plugin, much as exported X apps are handled by the X server.

So this means that:

* A user (who also has SEE installed locally on the PC) who
  happens to be the "owner of the data" for a program that runs
  on a remote webservice server, tells the SEE on his local
  machine to connect to a SEE on a remote webservice server, and
  download the data and the application program, so that it can
  then be executed locally.

completely contains the point:

* A user (who has SEE installed locally on the PC) should
  have the option of accessing a webservice application (which
  runs on a remote webservice server) in such a way that if that
  webservice application can transfer to the user's PC code
  which implements a decent user interface.

because the SEE shouldn't be able to tell the difference, because it doesn't control the RPC of webservices.

Right? Because if so, I can just wipe out the whole SEE-development chapter on passing events (a little more Texinfo I'm writing, more details to come later).

(above *quotes from Norbert Bollow's earlier post on Arch)

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