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[DotGNU][Fwd: Bayonne 1.0 "http support"]

From: David Sugar
Subject: [DotGNU][Fwd: Bayonne 1.0 "http support"]
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 14:13:19 -0500
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This probably should be discussed here as well...

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Subject: Bayonne 1.0 "http support"
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 13:47:17 -0500
From: David Sugar <address@hidden>
To: address@hidden
CC: address@hidden

In the 1.0 server tree, we now have a tcp monitor which can be used with
telenet to support interactive commands and direct manipulation of a
running Bayonne server.  I am thinking of expanding this monitor to also
support http requests.  In particular, I am thinking of supporting "get"
methods that can be used to retrieve server information in well formed
XML documents that can be parsed and presented in a nice form by
external programs, and to support "post" methods to perform XMLRPC
services.  This will then supercede (depreciate) the front-end
stand-alone "apennine" server that was introduced for earlier releases
of Bayonne to support XMLRPC requests in gnucomm.

Assuming we do this, it should be possible to put together a web server
application that communications with a Bayonne server directly and
provides useful data representation from it.  Who would like to work on
useful front-end web programs for Bayonne?  Should we do this within
something like the phpGroupWare framework?  Or something else?

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