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Re: [DotGNU]Warning! Cscc rearrangement in progress!

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Warning! Cscc rearrangement in progress!
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 12:16:20 +1000

> fine with me. hopefully i won't have to copy-paste needed stuff
> from your cscc directory. let me know, when this is done - i will
> fix my javacc then. unfortunately, i am not able to download mail
> from the DotGNU list - there are some problems with the server.
> please write mail to the other address.

The bulk of the rearrangement has now been performed,
with a few things still pending.

If you check out the CVS version of pnet from Savannah,
you will see the new structure:

cscc/common - common routines for language plug-ins
cscc/csharp - C# parsing and semantic analysis
cscc - program entry points that link in the rest

I will probably move "codegen" to "cscc/codegen" soon,
but I've left it where it is for now.

The "common" routines are all prefixed with "CC"
(for "compiler common") rather than "CS".  They include
error handling, command-line option processing,
raw file input handling, and "CCMain" which does the
bulk of what "main" used to to.

It's now much easier to build a plugin.  There are some
functions, declared in "cscc/common/cc_main.h", which
the plugin implements.  The common library does the
bulk of the work to drive the compilation process.  See
the "cscc/cs_main.c" and "cscc/csdoc.c" files for examples.

Error handling is done with "CCError", etc, which obviates
the need for separate "CSError", "JavaError", "GumboError",
etc, in each plugin.

Marcin, I got a notification from the FSF a week or so
ago that the paperwork for the "javacc" Copyright
has now gone through.  Please send me the latest
version of your code with the FSF Copyright messages
in place.

I will put it in "cscc/java" and link it through to the
other parts of the compiler.  Then we can concentrate
on further improving code sharing between the plugins.



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